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When to Charge the Battery

We recommend charging the battery back to full after each ride so the battery is topped off and ready to go the full range whenever you want to Ride Rad! The battery has no memory effect unlike other battery chemistry, meaning you can charge your battery after each and every use, even if you just take a spin around the block. 

A battery with a partial charge can be left without immediately charging back to full. If a battery is left empty for an extended period, however, it can become damaged and/or non-functional. 

Charging is critical if you deplete the battery fully on a ride, indicated by the last battery bar on the LCD display flashing. When you see that last battery bar flash, charge the battery as soon as possible. 


To charge the battery on or off the bike, plug the charger into the battery and then an appropriate (110V and 220V AC) outlet, which should illuminate two red charging indicator lights. When the charge is complete, one light will illuminate green. For more detailed information on battery charging and maintenance, check out the Battery Charging and Care Help Center article and please reference your Rad Power Bikes Owner's Manual, available for download in the Rad Power Bikes Help Center.

The battery is self-managing and the charger is designed to stop automatically when the battery is fully charged, but unnecessary wear of the charging components could occur if the charger is left attached to the battery and a power source for longer than 12 hours. Detach the charger as soon as possible once the green light indicates a complete charge to avoid unnecessary wear of charging components.

For tips on taking care of your battery, check out the RPBlog article, How to Maximize Battery Life, and for information on storing batteries for a long period, check out the Long-Term Battery Storage article in the Help Center.


If you have any questions or issues with your battery, please discontinue charging, operation of the battery, and operation of the bike, and contact Rad Power Bikes Domino's Support immediately.

 WARNING Do not leave a charging battery unattendedNever charge a battery for more than 12 hours at a timeFailure to follow battery charging best practices could result in unnecessary wear to the charging components, battery, and or charger, and could lead to an under-performing or non-functional battery and replacement will not be covered under warranty.

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