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Pedal Assist Features and Operation

Pedal Assistance (PAS) is one of the two ways to call up power from the motor and battery of a bike by Rad Power Bikes.

Pedal assist uses a cadence sensor built into the drive train of the bike, which reads when the rider is revolving the pedals and signals the electric motor to provide assistance corresponding to the level of pedal assistance (PAS 0-5) that has been selected.

The level of pedal assist can be selected using the LCD Display Remote's up and down arrow buttons. Level 1 corresponds to the lowest level of pedal assistance, and level 5 corresponds to the highest level of pedal assistance. Level 0 indicates pedal assistance is inactive.



Riding with Pedal Assist 

Start in pedal assist level 1, “PAS 1,” the default PAS level when the bike is first turned on, as indicated by the number following the "PAS" on the LCD Display, and adjust from there as conditions allow.Be sure you are in a clear area with no obstacles before starting to ride with the pedal assist system. Ensure you are firmly mounted on the bike and ready to ride with power assist before starting to pedal. Hold onto the handlebar with both hands and be prepared to depress the brake levers if necessary.

Once you begin pedaling, the cadence sensor will activate the motor after 1-2 seconds. If there are any obstacles in your path you could collide with them if you are not anticipating the power of the pedal assist system to provide propulsion and/or cannot brake when needed. 

When you stop pedaling and do not depress the brake lever(s), there is a 1-2 second delay before pedal assist shuts off. This is to reduce the pedal assist power surging on and off whenever you stop pedaling momentarily (to adjust your foot on the pedals or your seating position, for example).

If you need to stop suddenly when using pedal assistance, apply the brake levers to cut the power assistance off and slow/stop the bike. Always be prepared for the pedal assist power to remain active for a few seconds after you stop pedaling, and use the brake levers whenever you require the pedal assist or throttle power to be stopped immediately. 

NOTICE: If the throttle, brake lever cutoff switches, pedal assistance, or lighting is not functioning normally, intermittent, or not working, please discontinue using your ebike immediately and contact the Rad Power Bikes Product Support team for assistance. 

 WARNING Users must become accustomed to the bike’s power control system before operating. The pedal assistance feature is a powerful option and users should fully research and understand how to operate it before first use. The throttle mechanism allows full power to be activated from a stop and inexperienced users should take extra care when first applying the throttle. Failure to familiarize yourself and practice the operation of the power system on your bike from Rad Power Bikes can lead to damage to the bike, property, serious injury and/or death.  

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