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Cold Weather Riding and Storage

Wet, snowy, or icy weather impairs traction and visibility for the cyclist and vehicles sharing the road. The traction of tires, grip of the rider's feet on the pedals, and stopping power of the brakes are all lessened in these conditions. If tires lose traction, the rider's feet slip off the pedals, or the brakes cannot stop you appropriately it could lead to a fall, damage, serious injury, and/or death.

If riding in snowy/icy conditions is unavoidable:

  • Take extra care when operating the bike in snowy/icy conditions. Road hazards may be difficult to see when snow/ice is present; proceed with caution.
  • Decrease riding speed, avoid riding on ice and other particularly slippery surfaces, and brake earlier since it will take longer to slow than when doing so in dry/warm conditions.
  • Take care to be more visible to others when on the road in snowy/icy conditions. Wear reflective clothing and use approved safety lights.
  • Park the bike in a warm/dry location after riding in wet weather to allow the systems to dry out.

After using a bike in cold weather, it is best to store it out of the elements and above freezing temperatures. If that is not possible then the battery must be moved inside for storing and charging (it only takes a few seconds to remove the battery). The most important thing is to charge the battery at room temperature (50° to 77°F).

Riding in cold temperatures decreases the battery range slightly but the difference is generally inconsequential and small enough to go unnoticed. 

The RadRover and Radmini both have fat tires, which typically handle admirably in snowy conditions. To increase traction and handling in snow/ice, some customers have installed studded tires but, due to lack of internal testing, we cannot recommend any specific options.

For more advice on winter riding, we've published an article on the RPBlog that can be of use. That article is Winter Riding: No Such Thing As Bad Biking Weather.

For more information on riding in wet weather or off-road, please see out article titled Riding Within Your Ability: Off-Road or in Wet Weather


Ebikes by Rad Power Bikes should not be used in temperatures lower than -4°F.


 WARNING Failure to follow proper battery storage and charging procedures can result in a non-functional battery and replacement will not be covered under warranty.


 WARNING We do not recommend riding the bike in conditions that exceed your or your bike’s ability.


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